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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Stuffed and silenced but still giggling

The other day I wore knickers. I can wear them when it is appropriate, if I ask, but I cannot just decide to wear them when I want to...but I did.

It wasn't that I was being deliberately bratty, I just put them on, when a plan changed, and I didn't text to ask.

But...when he came online to talk to me. I told him, straight away, and I got the most awful fit of the giggles while I was telling him, I don't know why, but I just couldn't help it.

I spent the next hour with them in my mouth, until they were covered in drool and then when i had to go back out, I had to put them on again...and he got a fit of the giggles.

However I was sent away with these words................".If you do it again, you will spend all night with them in your mouth and I will make you keep them in your mouth when I take you out when you come home"

Lucky they were small and lacy...still don't think I will do it again.


  1. Haha,

    let me add an evil twist here:

    the same happened to me more or less, with a Dom i scene with once in a while. i had my thin, lacy string IN my pussy for an hour before it spent another hour in my mouth.

    Now, i always remember how he wants me to present myself to him! (no underwear that is)


  2. mindset,K, Mistres160 and cassie

    I'm slightly perturbed that you all find this so funny...:)...but then again so did I!

    Its a short and not too sharp lesson...but not something I will repeat for a while....*quick check up skirt...all bright and breezy*
    When I read that I realised what I had said, was going to change that as it made me sound like I was full of farts!......hey what the hell.....

  3. This post made me smile...I love the true dynamics of your relationship. It is really wonderful to see. smiles

  4. thank you "A Journal", for your comment. He makes me smile..........

  5. Funny. Yes, I think that would slow down my urge to wear "knickers" without permission. {Love that word, btw. Even though I know it's not ~ that it doesn't have the same connotations for you as it does for me, but just the sound of it cracks me up.}



  6. aisha...........whats with the "knickers" word...have I missed something or is it a British/American translation difficulty? :)