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Monday, 31 January 2011

Counting the hours

I use the word home. i am in the right country, the counrty frm which I come, where most of my friends are, where my family is, and where my owner is......but I do not feel "home" yet.
I know when that will be...I know it will be when I am in my knees, naked, in front of my owner and he allows me to rise to greet him...that is when I will be home.

That will be in two days, two whole days.

He couldn't come to the airport to meet me, but we have spoken on the phone, skype, msn, yahoo, text....I am so close......so very close. And now I am counting the time in hours .....

and then I will be "home".

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  1. "Home" is indeed a very special place...so happy for you!