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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Ways to tell your owner is feeling better

He is feeling better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,how can I tell?

It could be the rope marks left on my tits from the tightest binding I have ever had to do, till they turned blueish and then purpleish, till they felt like that were going to split like a ripe plum, the skin tight and straining.

It could be the deep pain in my nipples from wearing the clothes pegs under my clothes. The bra pressing the pegs onto me, twisting and shifting them with even the smallest movement, making it hard for me to get my head round the pain till I am whimpering and gasping with each breath.

It could be the marks left on my tits from the killer pegs that I had to put on my bound tits. The pegs he chose that have a grip like a nipple fitting into a hole, that impress the flesh like a waffle iron and hurt like hell when you take them off, so your eyes smart, the breath catches in the back of your throat and you can't decide if it hurts more to keep them on or take them off.

It could be the messing with my head, while he left me blindfold and bound in the corner, telling me I was a slut, a toy, a thing to be used.

It could be how he made me kneel before him and bring me to that second of wild abandon before I come, that moment of almost madness, where he stopped me and left me standing begging to be allowed to cum and being denied.

These are some of the clues that made me think he might be feeling a tad better..............I'm not looking forward to when he us 100%....actually maybe I am.:)

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