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Saturday, 22 January 2011

A different sort of mind fuck ...lesson three

Last night we managed to talk for a couple of hours without any interruption, we just chatted, like we do when we are together, nothing specific, nothing exciting or even slightly D/s...nothing at all that if you had overheard the conversation would have led you to believe we were anything more than an boring old couple, other than the fact that I was sitting naked with my rope round my neck and I addressed him as Sir, but other than that nothing.

So this morning when I woke up I expected our talk to carry along more or less in the same vein.

Oh silly silly slave.

I woke early and he sent me back to sleep...........I thought he wasn't being considerate. He woke me by text then told me to go back to sleep, he did this three times and on the fourth time I was expecting the same, but instead of "Go back to sleep slave" it was"Get up slave, go and turn the shower on, get it nice and cold".

Now he knows how much I hate the cold, he knows, he really does, and uses it sometimes as a punishment, or gives me a choice of a cold shower and something he knows I hate more and enjoys when I choose the shower. I sometimes try to choose the other option , and he enjoys watching the struggle on my face as I pot for the shower anyway.

 But there I stood in the shower, the cold water running all over me, my nipples tight like little buttons, my muscles beginning to tighten, to shiver, when he told me to turn it off. I was waiting for the usual command of "Dry yourself slave" , but as I stood there, shivering , he made me turn it on again and stand under it again. By the third time I was crying, big sobby tears of cold, frustration and anger. Yes I admit it, I was angry at him for being mean.

After the third long cold shower  I stood before him, water dripping from my hair, down my tits, my nipples sore from the cold, my legs shaking, and I stood and waited....and waited until I was dry, just one small trickle of water dripping from my hair, down my back and between my bum cheeks.

"Slave.................lie on the floor............face down"
So I lay face down, face into the floor, my eyes closed, waiting for my owner's next instruction......
I lay as I have been taught, as instructed, face down, hands behind my back, my legs crossed and then in a very quiet voice I heard the word......

Once I am in that position; my place, I am not permitted to talk unless given specific instruction, and so I waited for more from him.......

I strained to hear him.......................'slave ..... move your hand to your cunt and if you are wet you may show me your hand".

Oh and yes I was wet, my fingers were soaking when I touched my cunt.

He told me to return my hand to my cunt and not to move it, not to move a muscle...and very quietly he told me how he is going to welcome me home.
How he is going to hold me and stroke my hair, how he longs to kiss me, to look at my face, into my eyes, he he wants to put me over his lap and spank me till I beg him to stop, how he has already chosen the belt he will use on my arse, how his favourite crop is in his car ready,how he will place his hand over my mouth and pinch my nose and watch me wait until he give me my breath back, how he will slip his hand round my neck and squeeze when he allows me to cum, how he will pull me to him by my nipple bars and torture my nipples while he fills my throat with his cock,  how he will use the crop while I suck him till he shoots down my throat.................

And without warning, I came.......................big shuddering, deep inside me, whole body orgasm.....that left me shaken and crying.

"Oh slave...........and you didn't even move against your hand"
 And I hadn't,, I really hadn't, it was a complete mind fuck...........................

But following the theme of the day............I then had to crawl to get the toy he gave me to go away with and cum again, and then again., till I lay in a sweaty heap on the floor, legs open, cunt pulled wide so he could see, could inspect me

"You see slave...its all about control...it's all in the mind.

I wanted to say "no Sir , its all in my cunt" but I smiled and said "yes Sir"...because as usual he is right.
Lesson in threes.


  1. Wow, o, wow. I couldn't do the cold shower. Three times? And then drip dry? O My God. Amazing. But it sounds like it was worth it. Yikes.

  2. Oh aisha...I do not have the words to tell you how much I hate the cold shower, how it hurts or how much I dread it.....but like he says it not about what I like , its about doing as i am told.....its about the control.

  3. i agree with aisha. wow oh wow, your Master certainly knows what He wants from you. Doesnt it feel fantastic being pushed beyond your comfort zone. A hot post if i say so.

    blossom x