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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Are you ready slave?

He called at 2 am, I was fast asleep, I mean really fast asleep, that whole drooling, can't move a muscle, snoring, type of fast asleep. And I know it rang for a while and when I answered it I hadn't looked at the caller and so answered with a very sleepy "What?".

That is not a good answer to give to your owner.

"You said you were ready"

Oops............... I shot out of that bed so fast and onto my knees I think I broke the land speed record, as well as several flying records.

So at 2.10 am I was kneeling in front of him........ready.

He had me put ten of the killer pegs on each tit, the ones with the nipple shape thing that are built to withstand tropical storms and two on my cunt. Then the hood went on and I had to get the cane and run it over my body and think of what and who I am, and that when I used the cane I was to use it like he would,
It was just getting to the point where I was getting restless when he told me to hit the pegs off with the cane.

This is never easy at the best of times, but in the middle of the night with a hood on, trying to get pegs off  when they have the grip of a limpet.............he was joking?


By the time I had seven of them off I was sobbing; my tits hurt, my nipples were swollen, red, filled with pain, my tits criss cross with marks from the cane, and my head filled with mush.

He told me to stop and to cane myself across my stomach, at the same time as making myself cum.

The difficulty of making myself cum with the pain from the pegs, the pain from the cane, and actually canning myself filled me with frustration, and so tears of frustration mixed with tears of pain. I was instructed to stop the caning, and as I begged to be allowed to cum he said no.


After all that..................... no?

I stood there........................ my whole body shaking with frustration, pain and unsatisfied lust, the hood over my head, 3 nipples still on my tits, 2 on my cunt.

When I was a little more composed I was asked if I was ready.

"Yes Sir"

"Make yourself cum and as you cum you are to pull the pegs off your tits and cunt"

Talk about mind control, I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but knew that once I got to that point, and begged to be allowed, I would have to pull the pegs off, knowing it would be so painful.

I started slowing, gently rubbing my slit, covering my fingers in my wetness, avoiding the pegs that pulled painfully on my outer lips. I was building it slowly, trying to get my head round the pain and was told to get a move on, and I was to cum by the count of 10.
1,2,3...............I could feel it coming.........the heat rising in my cunt, my juices flowing over my fingers,
4,5,.trying to make myself hold the pegs on my tits, feeling my fingers curl round them
6.............building, finger insistent
7......please let me cum.I don't want to, but want to please him..oh please


The pain from pulling the pegs off took my breath away, left me shaking, desperate for him, to feel his touch, legs shaking, knees buckling, sobbing sweating and calling his name. needing him, wanting to feel his hand on me, squeezing my neck, stroking me,slapping me, caressing me.......at that moment I wanted it all.

And he called me, gently, telling me to remove the hood, to get my blanket, to sit down, to breathe, to calm down. I heard his voice but not he words.

When I was a bit calmer he sent me for a shower, a hot shower, soothing and gentle.

I was allowed my towel, and then told to rub cream onto the worst whelts, to wrap my blanket round, put on my night time rope and lie down.

"Ready slave?"

I went to get out of bed............."Good girl............. go to sleep, I am pleased with your progress, lesson one."

And I think before I had pulled the cover up I was asleep.
I didn't move in the night and woke where I had lain.....................

I looked at my computer...................................



  1. wow what a wake up call!!!! i bet you had a lovely after feeling as you fell to sleep. Enjoying reading your blog.


  2. Oh My...that was intense...hope your feeling good today


  3. Hi blossom..yes it was, he took full advantage of our time difference........sleep was good. Thanks for the comment.

    reina...yes intense is a good word.....and "I ...good...duh nur nur nur nur...so good, so good". Thanks for taking the time to comment.