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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Perfect Day

I was stuck somewhere today, unable to get away and so I started thinking, not about anything in particular, just thinking . And I got to thinking about a perfect day.......what have been my perfect days? Which day in my life has been the most perfect?  Why did I then develop this train of thought where I had to choose just one, when I have been so fortunate to have so many more than one.

Like a lot of people it doesn't take much to make me happy, it really doesn't. I don't need a great deal, I have no need for "things" to make me happy, no great desire for lots of money (although if anyone is throwing some away, I would take it off their hands), although I like the choices that spare money gives me.

The days in my life that have been perfect................?

The birth of my two beautiful children....they were both perfect days: hard work, emotional, one filled with pain, the other with uncertainty, but at the end  of both I was lucky enough to hold a beautiful child in my arms and gaze at their scrumpled faces and feel overwhelming, all consuming love.

The bith of my grandchild...............watching my daughter in pain was not perfect, watching her fall peacefully,happily into an exhausted sleep just after she handed me her newly born child, and the first hour of the baby's life I spent holding her in my arms,  watching the sunrise and talking to her, as she gazed unfocused at my face, listening to my voice, was the most perfect start to a perfect day.

A day spent, as a teenager, all day in the snow, sledging, snowballing and drinking hot chocolate, followed by an all night party, welcoming the New Year in with a bottle of champagne cooled in the snow...perfect.

A day spent on a sand bar in the middle of the Indian Ocean, swimming naked, floating around in crystal clear warm water ...the only sights.......the sun, the sea and the sand. The only sounds; very gentle waves lapping on the edge of the sandbar and the splash of dolphins leaping around less that 20m away. Swimming lazily to the edge of the reef and sinking slowly below the surface and looking in complete and utter awe at the teeming shoals of fish under my feet,  and seeing a manta slowly "flying" through the water towards me................perfect.

A day spent with best  friends, walking through a field of poppies, chasing the dog, lying beneath a cornflower blue sky, filled with singing skylarks, eating "doorstep" ham sandwiches, crunchy pink apples, strawberries warmed by the sun and drinking cold beer, lots of cold beer. Walking home hand in hand with tired, dusty children, red stained clothes and sun warmed skin......perfect.

The day I qualified...................I was so proud, that despite obstacles in my way, an indirect route ......I was there.

The day I was permitted to beg my owner to be allowed to serve him.............the day I was allowed to become his slave, to be owned, to give up all my rights, to submit completely to him.......... to be his..there is only one word.......perfect.

And what set me thinking about this list, which is not, by any means, the sum total of my perfect days?

Today is a perfect day...................today I was given my ticket home..................its not for long..............and its not "hone" home, but it is to the right  hemisphere, to the right continent , even the right country...I have a ticket ...........I AM going home, and it is soon.......oh the very best of perfect days.


  1. they all sound like perfect days...glad you are looking forward to another...they are too far and few between abby

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


  3. abby and aisha...they made me so happy thinking about them, it was a pleasure to share.. Thanks for the comments.

  4. Really, really good to read.
    I'll have to write down some of my perfect days but I have so many I don't remember them. This is the first time I read your blog.

  5. Thanks Malcolm and welcome...and yes i am very lucky :)