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Friday, 7 January 2011

Whats in a word?

It is strange how words can make you think.

The use of words can, in an instant, change your mood, change the way you see something, can change your opinion of someone or of something. A careless word can cause irriparable damage, or unmeasureable happiness, angry words filled with hate, bitterness and feeling of betrayal can wound and damage.

The first word of a beloved child, the last remembered converation with a loved one who has sadly died, the joke that makes you chuckle everythime you recall it, the whispered words of love shared in the most intimate of moments, words of passion, mixed with sweat, heat and lust, words that change our lives, words of employment, of proposal, legal words..........words.........

Millions and millions of words that we speak and hear in our life times.............. some careless thrown out without any thought of their real meaning or how they will be recieved, of the impact they have on others. And those words rehearesed over and over in our heads as we lay awake in the angst filled hours of the night, trying to finalaise what we want to say, to make our meaning clear.........

Today I heard some words......innocent words, words spoken by a child.......she said to me"I love you", out of the blue, with nothing preceding it, she just said it. When I smiled at her and bent to give her a hug she asked "You want to know why?" and in the nano second before I replied, I had thoughts of how I had treated her, how I had responded to her, reassured her, how I had spoken to her...so I nooded  and her reply ........"Because I can"...................


Nothing complictaed...just becasue she could, because her heart is filled with love and she has some to spare and she was giving it to me.....just words, but with a powerful meaning behind them. My heart was filled with such lightness and happiness from those simple words..."Because I can".

I thought about how we sometimes complicate the simplest of things and how we simplify the the most complex. How we close ourselevs off in the mistaken belief that we are protecting our hearts, and I will admit to this; frequently and almost always unsuccessfully, how we doubt things and people, question what needent be questioned and how we forget the feeling of "Because I can".

The second lot of words I heard today had a completly differnt affect on me.

When my owner said goodbye to me this morning he signed off with "Be good", I replied "Of course Sir" and quick as a flash came back,  "good slave". Normally it is "Good girl", but today was differnt, and just a change in words, completely changed my mindset. I felt all mushy inside; my cunt clenched and I felt increadiblly submmissive, but equally it also made me smile. It was like a metaphorical pat on the head, like something you would absentminedly say to your dog if you were sitting watching telelvision and it didnt get up and chase a passing cat. Thats what I thought of, and I told him......"I feel like a well behaved dog". He called, but couldn't speak becasue he was laughing so much.

He sent me....."Good girl, go to work".

Both conversations made me very happy. Nothing complicated about either of them, no hidden agenda, no subtle meanings, not room for misunderstanding, just words ...just eight words.... and now twelve hours later I am still smiling...

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  1. I have always believed that words have much power behind them. Once said they stay with the person...for better or worse. Glad your first words heard today were for the better.