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Saturday, 8 January 2011

This week has two Fridays

This morning I had been ordered  to wake up at 4.30...so I did.

We talked for a bit and I did my morning rituals for him and then he sent me to the shower, as normal. It must have been at that moment a look  passed over my face. Its these sorts of things that irritate him. He feels by pulling a face I am questioning his authority, or disputing that he has the right to do as he pleases. It must have only been a small look, maybe just a quick roll of the eyes, because he asked if I had something on my mind. If it had been a big look, I would have been facing the wall so fast my feet wouldnt have touched the ground.
Well, what had been going through my mind was...."You bastard, you know I am tired, you make me wake up at 4.30 am and talk to you and be pleasant, its dark and I want to sleep, I was looking forward to still being in bed at 6am and you make me wake up at 4.30 am...you bastard"
Now, did I say this?..................... No I didnt................. Should I have said this?............ Maybe I should.
Instead I said in my best slavey response......."Sir, have you remembered its Saturday?"

"Its Friday".

Now being completely stupid and still half asleep I replied......"Sir , it IS Saturday".

"No slave, its Friday, Get in the shower".

And so muttering under my breath about injustice and unfairness, I showered as he watched. I washed my hair as he watched, shaved  my cunt as he watched. As always did everything as he watched me. I then knelt on the floor waiting for him to decide what would happen. I was  silently hoping he would let me go back to sleep for a while, although I am never allowed to sleep in late.

No chance.

"It looks like we have some time to spare this lovely Friday morning.

And he spoke to me about how he was looking forward to the time I am home with him, About how he looks forward to having me in my place; naked at his feet on the end of his rope. He spoke about how he will use my body, the body that belongs to him to use and abuse as he wishes. He spoke off how he is looking forward to having me stand against the wall, with the rope around my neck, and tied, so if I move it will tighten , and how he will take his crop to my tits and hit me with it, how my nipples will feel the end of the crop over and over again and how I will stand still.

He spoke of how my body will look when he has finished with his whip and how when I am sobbing from pain I will be allowed to beg  to take his cock in my mouth and satisfy him.

He spoke of how he will bind my tits, how the rope will run between my legs holding my cunt open so he can use the crop on it and how I will thank him.
He spoke about how he owns me, my heart, my body, my life itself.

And somewhere in all of this I began to float off to that happy slave place. He smiled .

"You see, the control I have over you?"

My cunt was dripping, he made me show him, opening it for him to see, and I was smiling as he made me show him the trail of my juice dribbling down my leg.
He then had me get the cane he likes to use and cane my tits until they were swollen and red, marked all over, my nipples hard and painful, and then turn around and use it on my arse, counting each one as I did.

I know I cannot do it like he does, but after three hundred my arse was hot and sore and crisscrossed with marks, and he had me show him my cunt again.....this time I blushed.

The vibrator was turned on and as it vibrated against my cunt, my clit swelling, throbbing, I begged to be allowed to cum, but it was denied. He watched my face as I struggled to control myself.

"Now" he said.

And I felt my whole body shudder at the sound of his voice, my cunt tightening, pulsing  as I came, overwhelmed by passion, desire and most of all by my submission to him.

I knelt before him, sweat running beteen my tits, down my back, tendrils of hair stuck to my neck and I flaoted away..................I know he told me to climb on the bed, I know he told me to cum again for him, and I heard, far in the distance those words................"Good girl" and it filled me with an overriding feeling of happiness, that I knew I had pleased him, that he was happy.

He left me there for a while. I remember seeing the sunrise, the light quickly filling the room, I remember hearing the birds, but beyond that nothing else. I didn't fall asleep....... I lay there until I heard him call me to him, and I pulled myslef back, fighting the wish I had to stay there, in that bliss filled limbo, to do as he wanted and return to him.................I asked him what I should do...............and he asked what day is it .......my response?

"Friday Sir, its Friday".

He laughed, told me that I should remember this week, when I had two Fridays and he told me to go away and have breakfast and relax.

It has thrown me all day, because although I know its not Friday and I don't have to work this Saturday, I have been at a loss of what to do with my time.....a little reminder in control he called it.

My mind has been on him all day, which I think was his evil plan all along.

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