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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Shut your holes and open your ears...lesson two

A while, well a few days ago, he asked  me to bring him a few DVDs when I come home. Yesterday morning he asked me what they were.
Well, I have a busy life, lots to think about, things to remember and I forgot the name of one of them. For the life of me, I  just could not remember.

I could remember one, but not the other. I will confess now , there were only two. He was very unimpressed at me, I only had two things to remember and I couldn't.

I was squirming a bit and begging for clues, and he refused. I begged a bit more, pleaded...no nothing.

He then told me that I was to text him as soon as I remebered and the longer it took me the greater my punishment would be.
I moaned about it not being fair, about how mean he was, about how he wouldnt give me any clues. Although he was serious, he was laughing at my discomfort and put up with me telling him he is mean (I think he quite likes it).

He then told me he had given me three clues, and I was being "thick" for not realising that he had. He told me that I hadn't been listening properly....yet again. I reminded him that I have yet to solve one cryptic crossword clue...ever, to which he laughed and agreed...but nonetheless...he had given me clues.

He also reminded me that I had been told to write them down (although I couldn't remember that bit, but I wasn't going to argue...after all...he is ALWAYS  right) and I was not paying attention. He then told me to go away and the longer I took the more I would be punished.

Well........................ it took me nine hours to remember. A hard nine hour duty, wracking my brains, running through and discarding films in a mental list, knowing that each one I suggested to myself was not right anyway. I knew when I saw the DVD that I would remember, and as soon as I did, at that very instant, I did, and I could have kicked myself. I sent him a text....to which he replied..."9 hours three minutes".

Oh dear oh dear.
That's a lot of hours to keep him waiting.

When I spoke to him yesterday evening I was dreading it. Sometimes he can be very forgiving, but not listening, not giving him my full attention, not remembering that he is the most important thing in my life drives him crazy. I had to get a peg and peg my cunt closed and then three pegs and peg my mouth closed and THEN two pegs, one for each ear.

He then asked me to choose my own punishment. He told me if I chose it it would be less severe than if he chose it and he started counting back from 10. So I agreed that I would choose it. and then I had to come up with it.

I know that other slaves have had to choose their own punishemnt and how difficult it is,  how they consider what is appropriate, and fitting and what their owner will think........ but I had ten seconds...so I, without much thought, blurted "Write some lines to remind me?"

"Is that it?" was his reply..........................well,,,,....ten seconds....seemed pretty apppropriate to me! So I stayed quiet.

So that's what it was ...except it was ..................sit there for an hour with the pegs on thinking about what you should have done, how you don't pay close enough attention, how you sometimes disregard what I tell you and then write these lines, (I must listen carefully to what I am told and do as Sir tells me) and then call me.

So I sat there for an hour, those pegs shutting my holes and my ears pegged back..with nothing to do or think about expect what I should have done.....................a lesson without a doubt.

Then I called when I had finished my lines and showed them to him.

I will never forget the name of that film....ever.


  1. What a lovely post, and what lovely and personal memories you have, thank you for sharing them.

    blossom x

  2. Wow. What an intense post! I'm thinking that would be a real lesson learned...


  3. Oh yes aisha...i will never, ever, not ever forget the names of those two movies, and I have been listening and focusing much more carefully. thanks for the comment.