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Friday, 21 January 2011

Mind fuck

Oh he is so funny, he thinks so anyway....he is messing with my mind...........this latest evil plot?

He has made me send a very detailed itinerary of my visit, including times of breaks, meals,, locations etc for my training course..............and he has found the restaurant we will be eating in on the day before I can meet him, and he has booked a table..................so he is going to be sitting across the room from me, and I will of course be knicker less and he is going to send me something to my room. A something that I must wear during the meal.

 He wont tell me what it is, only that at sometime during the meal he will text me and I will have to meet him outside for him to check I have followed his instructions.

Like I'm going to disobey!

His actual words were "I will text you and ask you to slip out of the room for five minutes so I can check you are being obedient"



You are not kidding Sir!