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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

I told him and I will pay

I have spoken to my owner and he is doing okay, he had a bleed in the brain, a slow leaking capillary, they have done something to it and they are keeping him in hospital for a few days to make sure it has been stopped completely.

He is fine, and there is no damage, although it might explain his impatience..........:)

I feel sick with relief, although now they have to find out why.

I told him, I blurted it out in the relief bit of the mad slave ramble, it went something like this:

 Oh my god Sir, are you ok? What happened? When did you go? How did you know it was serious? What were the symptoms? What diagnosis did the doctors give you? What procedure(breathe) ?What pain relief are they using? I made myself cum without permission, What follow up drugs are they prescribing? Who is the surgeon?  How long will you be in for?(breathe)

"STOP...or I'll burst another one..............................you did what?"

So I  took a deep breath and repeated myself and there was a very ..................very long silence.
And then a chuckle,  then a belly laugh followed by more chuckling.
"I bet you felt bad,especially when I told you where I was...oh my, you must have been a mess".

 There was more laughter.

"Oh my slave, only you could choose the  most inopportune moment to do soemthing like that"
You will pay for it, but I am not cross."

At which point I burst in to floods of tears

Mostly tears of relief that he is ok, but a few that I had told him, that it was out in the open, that I wasnt holding anything back..but  mostly that he is ok.

He is ok.
He will be ok
He is good and I am happy.


  1. heh...mouse really likes how you stuck it in the middle of all the questions....


  2. wow. I agree with mouse. Way to work it into the conversation.

  3. A great post. I am glad to hear all is well.

  4. It was pretty funny how you kind of just slid it in there, and that he caught it immediately.
    Very funny! I"m glad he's going to be OK.

  5. Thank you all so much for your good wishes.....he told me this morning he was still chuckling when the doctor came to see him. He thought it was funniest that i thought it would slip past him....I live and learn:)