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Monday, 24 January 2011

The mind of my Owner....and how to change it.

He is under-impressed with me. I had a lecture this morning about looking after things in general and about looking after things from him in particular.
He said we will discuss it more at a later date, but he has to go away for a few days and does not have time at present.

In the mean time I have a task to complete.

He has, for some time, been considering having me tattooed; just under each nipple with a sign of his ownership. And although I have no choice in the matter, I hate them. It is just something I have always felt, its everyones personal chopice and I'm fine with that, but for me, I just don't like them.

I know if he decided to have them done, then I will have them done and will have to thank him for allowing me to have them,,......but....*sticks out lip and stamps foot* I don't want one, let alone two.

He knows how I feel, he has always known how I feel about them, he doesnt have any, he doent like them, so it alwyas mystifies me why he wants me to have one. I guess becasue he can, and its the whole power, control thing.
Every time I shower I have to write them on and I would rather do that for a million times than have a tattoo.

Anyway, he has given me a task to write a 5000 word essay, giving five good reasons why he should reconsider and to persuade him to change his mind.

So any suggestions would be most gratefully received... I have three days to get it done and it has to be good!


  1. I know how you feel. My Master wants me to di the same thing and want me to write it above my pussy " This is Master C's pussy" I cant bear to do this. So for now we decided to get me a percing on my clit that says "His" on it.

    Maybe try this...at least its not forever if you dont want it.

  2. hi i personally love tattoos so this wouldnt be a problem for me, though i can understand how your are feeling given you done like them. If your Master is determined for you to have His mark what about suggesting a white tattoo which is still visible obviously not as much as the black ones.

    blossom x

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I may well include them in my essay.