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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oh happiness I'm going home.

I am...it's true ....................I'm going home,

I'm going home; on a big shiney areoplane, with engines, and food and blankets and movies and all that stuff. I don't care that I will probably catch myself up with jet lag. I'm going home, not yet, not just yet, but in a few weeks, and not for long, for just over a week....some training..........but I'm going home.....

I don't care how long I will have that mind and bum numbing time on the planes, or how long I have to sit in departure lounges, or how many times I beep in security......I don't care...I'm going home.

Some of the time I have to work, but he is meeting me at the airport, he is driving me to my course, he is staying with me for some of the time. I will get to go home, I will even be allowed to visit my parents for a surprise.

I'm going home.

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