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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Beautiful things

Today I went and looked at beautiful things.
I looked at flowers in a market. orchids tumbling down bright stems.

Piles of vegetables laid on on straw mats with such care and precision, sold by wrinkled old ladies with toothless smiles and soil stained hands.

I saw the sun twinkling on the lazy river, with jungle flowing over its muddy banks.

I watched a child in a bright white shirt about to leap in a puddle and be pulled out by a shouting mother; no shared language but I understood every word. She looked at me, rolled her eyes and laughed.

I saw the beauty of the sand balls made by the hermit crabs, laid out in random patterns on the still damp sand.

The deep greens of the jungle.....full of lushness and life.

I am sorry that I have filled my blog with self pitying misery and moaning when I should spend more time looking around me and being grateful for what I can see.


  1. There is nothing wrong in taking time out for yourself HS. No need to apologise for anything you write, thank you for sharing your feelings and emotions with us as they may help others who are experiencing the same thing. Keep strong.

    blossom xx

  2. I agree, no apologies neccessary. But thank you for sharing such a beautiful day, reading this post made me feel like I was there too and made me smile :)

  3. HS, this is YOUR place to write whatever you want and how you are feeling.

    I read because I'm interested in your journey,regardless of where it may take you.

    For me,the experiences of others sometimes sheds light on parts of my life.

  4. Really good to read your experiences of beautiful things. There is so much to appreciate and be grateful for in this lovely world.

  5. Thank you for sharing the beautiful things you were able to see today. I also appreciate you sharing the painful journey you've been on - and still are on.

    I hope your apology is to yourself and not to us. I hope being able to step back and see the beauty makes it easier to take whatever next steps on your path you need to take.

    I hope you know I'm sending hugs and light and warmth your way!


  6. Thank you all once again for your comments and taking the time to think and write so thoughtfully.

    blossom.........I don't feel strong at the moment, but knowing that people like you think enough to comment keeps me shored up

    lilmissmojo...you were in my spam, which is why I didnt respond to you...consider yourself unspammed:)

    nancy........thank you...and you are right, other peoples experiences Do help shed light on our own, i often think the same reading other blogs.:)

    Malcolm...yes ....just watching the devastation that is happening around the world makes me appreciate what I do have .

    aisha...guilty.....it was to my patient readers who have had nothing but misery and unhappiness for so long..., but you are right it is my place to write and so I should write as I feel...thank you for the hugs and light.

    to all of you:)