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Monday, 28 March 2011

Gardening in the dark

I have just spent a very happy hour gardening in the dark, well it was light when I started, the sunset was underwhelming today, lots of clouds, so the sun just seemed to give in to the inevitable and didn't bother to put on a show, just slowly sank behind the growing clouds, without even a wave over its shoulder.
I continued with my gardening in the dark, it was the boring bit, the tidying up bit, the hot sweaty bit, the bit that you wish you could leave for someone else to do but you know you have to do it.

Then I got out the hose and watered all the pots of plants I had re-potted....the attachment on the end of the hose always poses a problem....do you blast the water into the tray at the bottom with "jet" and move onto the next one, or do you turn it onto "mist" and  hear the plants sigh with pleasure as they are cooled after the heat of the day?

It was so lovely out there...."mist " won.

We had been talking before I started and he told me he was looking forward to seeing me sweaty, muddy and wet.....men are such strange creatures....muddy?
Sadly he text me to say he had a meeting and wouldn't be able to some online for me to show him the results of my hard labours..................I text him to tell him I was about to get it the shower and the reply....

"Oh sod it!"

Mud ran from everywhere.....how it got in my bikini bottoms I do not know..................


  1. Gardening is such a satisfactory sort of work.
    That dark does creep up with no warning.
    Mud in the bikini bottoms..well you were really working!
    You sound calm and happy.. I hope you feel it as well.

  2. Hi nancy...being very close to the equator we don't get a long sunset..blink slowly and you miss it......yes I did feel calm....., I was happy.

  3. You do sound happy. I have all my planting to come:)


  4. You sound so happy - and like you're taking as good care of yourself as you are of your garden...



  5. ronnie and aisha...a few years ago I noticed that my level of interest in gardening and care of my plants reflects my mental well being. When I am miserable I just cant be bothered with plants and stuff and sadly watch them die, but when I am happy I fuss round them like Alan Titchmarsh on speed............and my plants are looking very happy:)
    Thank you for your comments and support when i was feeling so lost and sad:)