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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Earth Hour...making a difference

Today is Earth Hour day, The day we turn off our lights for one hour. I feel it is no so much the symbolic turning off of the lights, as members of the human race recognizing that we can make a difference by doing something small. Some of us will make great changes to this plant and its people in our life times, some will not have such a huge impact, but we all make a difference.

Everyday our interactions with people make a difference to someones life, it may be smile to  a stranger, a kind and thoughtful word written on  blog, it can be a teacher teaching a child to read, and giving them access to the world beyond where they live, a doctor or nurse easing someones pain, someone finding a solution to a problem for someone else and making their life more bearable, an act of kindness to a stranger or loved one, becoming involved in something, supporting someone, a kind word, letting someone know how much they are loved...the list is endless.

Our interactions with the planet are the same, we can make a difference,  however small, so that one light that goes off at 8.30 will make a difference, each one will make a difference, and by being mindful of how we use our limited resources we will continue to make a difference beyond 9.30 today, so please support Earth Hour, it may sound gimicky, it may appear to be a big PR exercise, but for one hour, the world will be pulling together in the right direction.



  1. Yes. Thank you. aisha

  2. Yes I agree. There is a lot of talk saying it's hypocritical, not enough to make a difference etc. But nothing better has been proposed, so I go along with it. In any case, we suffer power outages frequently here, sometimes for a whole day, so it won't faze us much as we are well equipped for life without electricity (but starting our generator would be cheating since it is far less energy efficient than the power station!)