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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A boring post.......playing in the early morning?

I was reading my comments today about if my blog was still out there (can someone please tell me how to link previous post and other post from other blogs onto mine?), and realised that boring is ok, boring is what happens.

I could write about work today....or I could tell you how he played with me this morning before I left for work.


Today at work wasn't a normal day...it was one of those essential days  that we have to have ever so often....it was paperwork day.

 Its good to have a day to devote to paperwork...but oh my, is it boring. I am the world's most inefficient paper sorter. I have to say to myself, "Handle this piece of paper once"...it never works, I end up spreading out over every surface available, shuffling bits of paper backwards and forwards, trying to keep everything, whilst knowing that half of it should be consigned to the recycling bin. That old adage...."it may come in useful sometime" is one I hang onto, even though I know its neither useful or productive.

However, having given myself a stern talking to about efficiency, ergonomics and good working practice...I shuffled some more paper, sat down to reread some old procedural notes, turned on my ipod and played loud music to myself ("It will do your ears no good" I hear him say in my head) and finally got to it.

Four hours, thirty odd tracks, one and a half litres of water later...no a/c, I was done. One very tidy filing cabinet, one empty desk, a bag of recycling and a whole pile of reading to do in the next day or too; a very productive day.

Oh...I was going to write about how he played with me this morning............ooops!


  1. ...laughing - Brat.



  2. aisha....haha...laughing back.
    hugs to you.

  3. Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.


  4. littlemonkey..............tease? moi?