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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Just one of those days

Today is one of those days where things just seem to go wrong...nothing major ...just a real grrrrrrrr day....

  • I slipped in the shower after i have stubbed my toe and banged my hip...ouch...nothing injured...but ouch
  • an unexplainable flat battery on my car.......jump leads in a tangle and in my rush, I made them worse....more haste, less speed

  • I left my lunch behind and ended up having a bottle of half hot water........yuk

  • Tried an international phone call to sort out some bureaucracy  and got put through to the wrong department three times, and the wrong extension twice and was then told I couldn't do what I wanted to anyway.

  • I have visa (as in you can come into our country...not credit card Visa) issues and am stuck in the country when hoping to go away for the weekend....

  • grumpy grumpy afternoon,,...trying to cheer myself up...............unsuccessfully
  • flat tyre...two care related things in one day...........whats the odds?

  • Bank ate my card after putting in the number wrong three times. 
I was a little fearful to turn on my laptop in case I fried its hard drive, or dropped it , or spill anything on it...but so far so good. I think I might go to bed for an hour and then get out the other side and see if that improves things.......just one of those days.........
Have had a good stomp around my house, banged a few door and slammed a few things...feeling much better.

Good job he is busy today and I might not get to talk with him today...I am sure I would say something in appropriate!

Today I saw a motorbike...well more a  moving sewing machine with seven people on it! ....just an aside...it made me smile


  1. ugh... i *hate* those days!! when it gets to be too much, i pack it in, go to bed, put the covers over my head and hope it'll all go away by the time i wake up.

    hang in there!!


  2. "Slipped in the shower ... etc " all you can do about that is have a good laugh!

  3. sweetkk.........my duvet is calling
    malcolm............yes hysterically!

  4. Sorry you had such a crappy day. I hate when things go wrong like that! Hope the next one's better!


  5. oh aisha.......................... it was verging on the ridiculous,,,in the end i just had to laugh.

  6. Those days are only good for a good nap or drink! Do something special for yourself! hugs

  7. I like the part about slamming doors and stomping around the house. Seems like a perfectly logical solution to all of the nonsense in your day :-)

  8. oh hs i can just see you throwing a strop...lol i hope things get better for you.

    blossom xx

  9. There - you laughed! Laughter is the best medicine, comes in handy almost any time, specially when things go wrong. You know, I live in a country where the custom is, if anything really tiresome happens - your tyre goes flat, you put salt in your coffee, your house falls down etc - people laugh.