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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Paper pants and a wedgie

Today I went for a massage.......... and there really is no dignity in someone pulling your paper pants into a wedgie up your bum...not once, but twice................one for each cheek.

She spied a bruise on one cheek and asked "How you hurt Ma'am....it sore?"

Not some bruise inflicted by my owner............walking backwards into sharp table corner...........I had to smile.

She told me I was stressed, she told me I looked tired, she told me I looked sad.(although how she could tell this from looking at my bum in the semi darkness I am not so sure).

Her solution to the problem.........please bear in mind I have know her a while now and she is not backwards in coming forwards with her opinions (I don't like your hair cut, you put on weight, you lost weight, nice earring, you forgetful, like old woman etc etc)................

"Ma'am you need  more massages, you need to drink bottle of wine, you need to shag 20 year old till your eyes pop out."

In the semi darkness I laughed so hard, I nearly peed my paper pants.

When I was leaving, she came back to the room and sat on the bed next to me, she patted my knee and said..........."Ma'am.......don't be sad.............all things pass."

Wise words.................

As I left the building she called after me, and thinking I had left something behind, I turned around...and she  smiled and said "Remember ma'am till your eyes pop out"


  1. Omg too funny! And I am thankful my massuse let's me keep my cloth panties. (holding her glass of wine) "here's to a twenty something that could make our eyes pop out!"


  2. Mindset........On the look out now...lol
    Not sure what my owners opinion will be:0

  3. What a wonderful piece of advice! I think this woman sounds very wise~~
    keep your eyes open~

  4. Hey, I'm the anonymous who said life is too short to be unhappy and I surely hope you didn't take that to mean I was complaining or that you shouldn't blog about it! Writing is a great release; besides, hiding one's pain and sadness inside is not a healthy thing to do at all. Blog away all you want, its' your truth! I only said something because you asked for feedback. :0)

    I can't help but feel badly when I read of someone who says they feel trapped and unhappy because of their relationship. Because I felt trapped in a relationship once too and it was horrible. I finally became suicidal.

    People used to remark how unhappy I was back then, even though I hadn't said anything to them. They could "see" it, like wearing a sign.

    Now everyone comments how happy I am, they can "see" it just as clearly as they were able to "see" my unhappiness before.

    It's something to think about, that your masseuse spotted your sadness so much so that she felt she need to help you.

    Life throws us curve balls all the time; illness, financial woes, death of loved ones. It's natural to be sad while we move through difficult times.

    But being sad because of a relationship is not a good sign. Relationships are meant to fulfill us, help us be the best we can be. If you are consistently so unhappy, it means something is wrong, it means it needs to be looked at and worked on. You deserve to be happy, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no "one way" of doing M/s, if his treatment of and towards you does not ultimately satisfy you at your core, then something is wrong.

    I wish you well, I hope you work it all out. :0)

  5. Lol!!! I think I might need some eye popping action! Fabulous advice, particularly all things pass.

  6. That's a fabulous story! i think maybe we all need some eye-popping action - and maybe i need a massage...

    and i pretty much agree with annonymous, only I wouldn't say it...so i'm glad he/she did.



  7. Paper pants? never seen those. And her advice: I wonder if you are thinking of taking it? Or if you would like the opportunity to take it?

  8. LOVE her! What wisdom! hehe

    My sister is a massage therapist and she says that one of the draining things about the job is that when she touches and rubs people, she absorbs some of their emotions and can feel a lot of what they are feeling. Perhaps your therapist didn't need to "see" you to "feel" you?

  9. Anonymous, first of all...thank you for your comments, and no, I really didn't think that you thought I was complaining, so please don't worry:)
    You are right, we do wear out sadness like a cloak or a badge at times, just as we do happiness and that tends to radiate out of us.
    I am trying hard to change what is not good, as is he. I would say he is trying so hard that sometimes it is painful to be the recipient of such effort on his part. I am just not able to get him to understand how I am feeling. More than anything he wants me to be happy.......so I do not know where to go from here....I am at a loss, but trying hard to find a way to open myself to him , in the hope that once more my submission to him is what is needed.......time will tell. Thank you SO much for your comments and support.

  10. aisha...........lol...everyone should have a massage..........it s so good for the soul.Let me know when you have your "eye popping moment"

  11. Malcolm........never seen paper pants? You haven't
    lived! As far as taking her advice.........I think if I asked him there would be such an explosion in the UK I would feel it here...it is just not an option.......but I can imagine it I suppose. Thanks for the question.

  12. Little Butterfly..........yes she is fab...I love her too.I have often thought about how much energy she expends during a massage and how tiring it must be physically, but I never thought about the fact that she would be absorbing "emotional waste" too...a very interesting thing to think about.
    Thank you for your comment...I shall be thinking about that now:)